Tactile Textile accessories October 04, 2012 14:16

Our winters allow for reflection and I have had lots of time for that ... as the jewellery sales are slow during those months  we decided to branch out a little towards textile craft for accessories ,Afro Barbies  as well as textile jewellery  .
 Straw collars to wear with a t shirt for a formal look !

 Spotted cotton scarf with colourful bead and shell brooch

 crocheted wooden beads for a textured necklace

 Rubber and silk funky neck piece

Tiny hessian bag to wear around your neck inspired by African medicine bags and big enough for 2 Aspirins !

 Long wooden sautoir with silver Lame beads

 Afro Ken (Barbie's other half) in a babacool attire ,very 70's
his body is made from string and his clothes are ...cool !

Afro Barbie ( Ken's better half ) has bohemian tendencies

small cross over hessian bags with applique motifs

 informal evening bag made from recycled hessian coffee bags