A letter to Stefano-Gabbana

January 21, 2012

This is the letter I sent to Stefano-Gabbana as a direct message on his twitter account as he is one of our followers

and banana photoIrresistible jewels

ETHNO BONGO – 5 Main Road- Houtbay-Cape Town- South Africa

Tel 27 (0)21 7900802

www.dolceandbanana.com email : mijou@dolceandbanana.com

January 2012

Dear Stefano,

As you know GADO is issuing summons against us wanting us to stop using our ‘tongue in cheek’ name and I have difficulty believing that this is your personal intention .

I have always admired your ‘joie de vivre’ and famous sense of humour so present in your brand and in your designs and although I appreciate that Dolce & Gabbana is a very successful commercial enterprise, I fail to understand in what way ‘Dolce & Banana’ could possibly be threatening or even disturbing D & G.

It is evident when visiting our website or FB page that we do not copy anyone , sell counterfeit goods or even attempt to deceive your clients…or 'dilute' your famous brand .

I have started this business 12 years ago making fashion jewellery with a group of African ladies working from their homes in the township of Houtbay. We have now a lo vely shop on a famous tourist route in Cape Town and we so enjoy the smile on people’s faces when taking pictures of our sign from their moving cars !

To sum up , I am proud of providing much needed employment in this part of the world and trying to make a living creating ‘irresistible jewels’ with a funny brand name ….is this really a crime ?

This court case is not only causing harm to our small business , it promulgates the negative attitude of big corporations .

dear Stefano ….please let us be.... and visit us in Cape town !

Kind regards


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